Shenzhen manufacture integrated all in one solar street lamp with lithium batter

Shenzhen manufacture integrated all in one solar street lamp with lithium batter

Model No.︰FL-STL15WD2

Brand Name︰FUTURE

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Product Description

Shenzhen manufacture New with aluminum heat 15W integrated solar led street light

Solar panel Max power 18V 26W (20% High efficiency imported monocrystalline silicon) 
Solar panel Life time 25 years
Battery Type lithium battery(Life time 5 years) 12V 15AH
LED Max power 15W 
Lumen 1400-1500lm
Charge time(by sun) 6-7hours (with enough strong shine)
Discharge time 12 hours , 2-3rainy days
Lamps main material  aluminium alloy        
Dimension 755X300X135MM
Solar led street light

FL-STL15WD2  (Integrated)

1 750

Package for solar street light

full power and one third power lighting




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 Sincerely thank you for using the integrated solar light

The design of integrated solar street light/garden light absorbs the inspiration and energy from the the universe, and combines today's best green energy portflolio(solar energy, semiconductor LED light source,dedicated battery for street lights). It uses excellent practical control technology, such as micro controller, thermal infrared human body induction etc.,
combines with the simple integrated structure design, perfect implementation of low power consumption but high brightness (average 5w power consumption is 100w incandescent lamp's illumination), long life span and free maintenance, excellent waterproof and heat dissipation, at the same time with convenient installation. All the advantage above make it the best contributed and creative patent product of our company.

Packaging & Shipping

 15W Integarted all in one Solar led street light One Set / Carton


Performance parameters :


Working time data is based on full charging 6 hours in the sunny summer , measured in north latitude 22°, east diameter 13° .
Actual working time may be changed due to different installation area , season , environment ,the direction .

solar streetapplication

6W-PIR--sensor-solar led street light (9)

Our Services

 Qualtiy warranty: 3-5years

Warranty Terms:
During the warranty period , if there is malfunction under the normal use in accordance with the operating instructions  , product will be free repaired


Troubleshooting :
Question :Lights not work Cause 
Answer: Switch does not turn on , Swith failure , Battery runs out, LED Failure

Question: Short lighting time Cause
Answer :Low battery , Battery Failure

Question:  No induct Cause
Answer : Sensor Failure

Answer : Controller (timer) setting wrong


 Maintenance :
(1) Solar controller is the core component of solar street lights ,which has the function of light control , time control , charging and discharging, etc. Keep it dry in use , and do not touch the buttons at discretion. Malfunction must be in professional operation :
(2) Solar panel is the longest service life of component in the solar street light , which can be used for 35 years. And in use if it doesn't rain for days, the surface of the solar panel will gather much soil dust , which will affect the power generating efficiency manual cleaning when necessary. Keep the solar panel towards the south, correct it timely if there is swing;
(3) LED light source has a long service life, general failure rate is extremely low. Dirt cleaning when necessary. Keep the solar panel towards the south. correct it timely if there is swing;
(4) The battery itself has certain self-discharge, whenthe integrated solar light is not in use for a long time, please take out the light regularly for charging in the sun 
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LEDS︰ 15 watts

Christmas lamp︰ NO

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